For the past 90 days, you’ve been on a personal journey of physical, nutritional and lifestyle changes. To be eligible for prizes, share your story in 5,000 characters or fewer between May 1 and May 9, 2016. Include 3 “Before” and 3 “After” pictures, and you could win $10,000!


Don’t forget to weigh out.

Schedule your official weigh-out with a personal trainer. You’ll tally up your pounds lost or calculate your total body fat change and see the progress you’ve made over the past 90 days. Then, celebrate with the 175,000 people who transformed their bodies or lost weight during the 90–Day Challenge.

How to qualify and submit for prizes.

Weigh Out

Weigh out with a Personal Trainer between May 1 and May 7, 2016.


Write your success story (details below) about your Challenge experience.


Upload your 3 “Before” and 3 “After” pictures (6 total) by May 9 at 9pm CST. Find picture tips below.


Submit your story and photos between May 1 and May 9, 2016, at 9pm CST.

See the Official Rules for more details.


Story Tips

We can’t wait to read your Challenge experience! Let us know what positive changes you’ve made and what motivated you along the way. How did you harness the willpower to make a positive change in your life? What will you do to continue your success beyond the Challenge? Take some time to reflect on what has changed since you started this journey, and then tell us about it!


How to take “After” pictures.

Take 3 “After” photos at home: Front, side profile and back.


Win-Worthy Tips

  • Show 3/4 body or full body
  • Clearly show 90-Day Challenge colored wristband
  • Dress in a swimsuit or similar clothing
  • Pose the same in before and after photos
  • Stand comfortably, without pushing out or sucking in your stomach

Remember: Submit both “Before” and “After” photos for a total of 6 pictures.


You’ve worked hard, pushing yourself to new limits and creating healthy habits. We want to see the results of all that hard work! Share your amazing successes with #LT90DaySuccessStory and show the world what you’ve accomplished with determination and positivity.

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