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Join an upcoming Try-It Tuesday event and learn the equipment, training and nutrition tips our experts recommend to propel your progress. Space is limited, so register today and add those commitments to your calendar.

This week:


Hop on the treadmill and discover how personalized heart-rate training plays a crucial role in fat loss.

Upcoming Try-It Tuesdays

Intro to CardioBurn

Hop on the treadmill and discover how personalized heart-rate training plays a crucial role in fat loss.


TEAM Weight Loss

Meet the winning combination of resistance training and cardio that will double the effectiveness of your workouts.


Nutrition: Grocery Store Tour

Meet the nutrition experts who can help you grocery shop like a pro, and learn what quality food should be in your cart.


Intro to Strength Training

Get a guided view of strength-training equipment and fundamentals from an expert Personal Trainer.


Mat Pilates

Hit the mat for a mind-body intro to Pilates exercises designed to get you toned, sleek and flexible.


Recipe for Results

Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Learn the meal prep and recipes that will help you soar through the second half of the Challenge.


TEAM Fitness

A fun and intense group setting, TEAM Fitness uses a variety of fitness machines and exercises led by a personal trainer to make you sweat.


CardioBurn 2.0

In this sequel to CardioBurn, you’ll test your heart-rate zones and discover the fitness progress you’ve made so far.


Strength Training for Fat Loss

Push your limits in a one-hour session of full-body strength training led by a Personal Trainer. You’ll sculpt your body and your pride.


Fight Shape

Learn how mixed martial arts conditioning exercises and drills can punch up your workout’s intensity.


TEAM Boot Camp

Increase your training intensity and salute your strength in a fast-paced cardio session with circuits, springs and resistance training.


Family & Friends 5k

Squad goals! Invite your friends and family support system to join you in a 5k fun walk or run guided by a Run Club leader.

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