past winners

Alisa J.
2016 Spring Transformation Finalist

75.69% change in body fat percent *
*Results not typical
Alisa J.

“You deserve the body you want.” That was something I always said to other people, but could never believe for myself. I had always led an active life, being a dancer turned exercise advocate from the age of three to my now almost 48. My “mid-life crisis” fun became obstacle course racing – from the Spartans to the Tough Mudders – they all became part of my repertoire. Those events pushed me beyond my own perceived limitations and forced me to conquer fears – fears of heights, fears of inadequacies, fears of having someone lift me in the air. As I waited for the starting pistol to roar, tears rolled down my face, as all these fears and anxieties were coming to a head. Yet, I finished each race as if I could rule the world. That is, until a fateful hot day in June 2013, when my life as I knew it would forever change.

Falling from 10-foot high monkey bars, landing on a rock that rolled my ankle right and brought my knee buckling left – totally dislocating my entire knee. That fall led to three surgeries over the next 1½ years, each one digging me a little deeper into a physical and mental hole – a place I never thought I would let myself be. Although I am so grateful for my legs (as I have a family member who lost both of his in a tragic accident), I hated being in pain every day. I hated not being able to do all of the activities I once enjoyed, and most painfully I hated not being able to run around and horseplay with my three teenagers as I always had. I wanted my old life back. I wanted to play with my kids. I wanted the pain to stop. I knew deep down that all the therapy and exercise in the world was not going to take away the pain. I had to transform my body back to what it was when I was tackling those obstacle courses back in 2013. This 90-Day Challenge gave me the opportunity to accomplish that.

Team Thommie, led by the amazing Thomasine McAllister, quickly became my source of support and guidance for my nutrition and exercise routine. Thommie, and the other amazing Lifetime Montvale instructors (Elizabeth, Audra, Brian, Susan, Scott, Sarah – to name a few), have encouraged and supported me and led me through workouts where I could once again push myself beyond my own perceived limitations – finishing each workout feeling stronger and more in control. As my body fat continued to drop and my physique became leaner and stronger, I slowly began to once again feel like I could conquer the world. This is a feeling everyone needs to enjoy! As a result of this challenge and Life Time’s Core 3 structure, I am leaner and fitter than I have ever been before! On top of that, Thommie’s guidance and expertise on nutrition enabled me to achieve the fitness and physique goals I strived for. There is no doubt that being 26 pounds lighter and having lost 70% of my body fat has changed the way I physically look, and I am much happier today with what I see looking back at me in the mirror. (However, I have some more pounds to go ever after this challenge is over! 60-Day Challenge here I come!) Most importantly, last week the real success of this challenge became evident. For the first time in over 3 years, as I went out on a beautiful morning to run, I ran (5 miles I might add!) without my knee brace and without any pain! That is why I did this challenge! That is the greatest reward ever! I do deserve the body I want, and I will have it thanks to Life Time!

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