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Amanda D.
2013 Spring Transformation Challenge Winner

53.04% Change in Body Fat *
*Results not typical
Amanda D.

The 90 day body transformation challenge has been amazing!
On top of the weight loss, fat loss and inches. I am stronger and healthier then ever! I completely quit eating fast food, drinking pop as well as no more Lo Carb Monsters! I went from barely balancing and lifting weight to being able to kneel on a stability ball while doing shoulder raises with 35 pounds! I also placed 1st in the Novi Indoor Tri Women’s open division last month! Getting ready to do a 500+ mile bike ride in California, an Olympic Triathlon in July and a Marathon in November! And the 90 Day Challenge helped me get here!

What led to making this change? My weight issues started when I was around 21 years old. Up and down, up and down over the last 12 years. Getting up to 210 pounds at one point. I really had no idea how to lose weight and keep it off. I feel like I wasted so much of my 20s being depressed and unhealthy. Missing out on so much. Being overweight made me self conscious and depressed. I felt like a failure, I was always embarrassed about the way I looked. And more important than the way I looked, I had felt terrible no energy, no endurance, no motivation. The first time I lost weight, around 40 pounds it was with ephedra and of course instantly came back, the 2nd time I lost weight, around 80 pounds I lived in Japan, where healthy food and daily activity was the only option. But returning to MI the weight started coming back. Gained back 1/2 of what I lost. The scale was going up about 1-2 pounds a week towards the end of last year. I could see myself being 210 pounds again in no time. I was super frustrated. I wouldn’t look in the mirror, I wore leggings for an entire year so I wouldn’t have to see what size I was. And my energy and strength levels were terrible. I knew that I needed to get this under control.

I started with the Ultimate workout and joined the 90 Day Challenge.
The first 30 days I really focused on working out, I learned a lot about what kinds of workouts I needed to do, frequency and intensity. The gym became my 2nd home. The Try it Tuesdays were great motivation. The 2nd month through Try it Tuesdays I really started to learn a lot more about Nutrition and how food like sugar, dairy, fat, protein really effects your overall health. Eating healthy food made me feel amazing, and seeing results motivated me to keep it up. The last 3 weeks I put it all together including doing a detox! The trainers at the gym are awesome! Jillian, Erica, Sean and Charlie were great resources and were always available if I needed any help, advice or encouragement! I owe a lot of my transformation to them!

I sacrificed a lot and worked harder then ever to get the results I got over the past 90 days. You can’t just sign up and put in little effort and expect great things! It was not always easy and took a lot of dedication to push myself the extra mile, and completely commit to a lifestyle change! Getting up most mornings at 4am. Spending anywhere from 1-4 hours at the gym. But it’s been worth it! It’s not unusual to see me do cardio resistance classes back to back and feel amazing after!

I set out to lose weight and feel good about myself. But what really happened was a lifestyle change. Just because the challenge is over doesn’t mean it stops here! I am stronger and healthier then ever but I’m not done! This wasn’t just some quick fix or temporary weight loss! The 90 day challenge has jump started a healthier lifestyle that I feel will help me keep the weight off now. I never want to be told that “I am a good size girl”, or referred to as “girthy”, Told I have a big butt, or that “I find it hard to believe that you were ever the skinny girl”.

What’s going to motivate me to keep it up:
I think 90 days of commitment to your health was a perfect amount of time! I have heard that it takes 28 days to change a habit. And that’s just what happened. The 1st 28 days it became a habit/lifestyle priority to go to the gym. The 2nd 28 days It became a habit/lifestyle priority to eat the healthy foods instead of the bad foods. And the last month helped to bring it all together. Ultimately changing my life.

My husband and I haven’t been able to get pregnant yet. And now going into my mid 30s its important to me to make sure that I am as healthy as possible to be able to get pregnant and have the energy for the pregnancy, delivery and the baby! About a year ago my mom was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. A couple weeks ago it took her life. She has always struggled with health issues both physical and psychological. Because of this I didn’t have the opportunity to have that relationship that I always wanted with her. And now because she didn’t take care of herself I won’t get that opportunity. This loss really put into perspective just how important my accomplishments over the past 90 days are, and how important it is to take care of yourself so that you can try to avoid life threatening diseases. To be able to live the life you want, with the people you love for as long as you can. And really just to be the absolute best you that you really can be. Sounds kinda silly but it really is true. Why hold yourself back?

If you are reading this I hope you find some inspiration and take the 1st step like I did and make a change. Do it for yourself, do it for your family.


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