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Amy D.
Spring 2012 Transformation Challenge Winner

Lost 92.9 lbs (-24.826%) *
*Results not typical
Amy D.

Other than a few years during my teens, I’ve been fat my whole life—Not just fat, REALLY fat. I’ve tried every diet under the sun, and almost had weight-loss surgery. I use food, like many of you, as a coping mechanism. Whenever life was too much too handle I turned to food, mostly carbohydrates and sugar, to bury negative feelings. The worse the situation, the worse I ate. February 4th of this year (2012) I decided enough was enough. I returned to Lifetime Fitness Chanhassen, where I had been a member of in the past. In my heart, I always knew if I turned myself over to them and did what the staff told me to do, I would win the battle against fat. When I stepped on the scale with my trainer, Matt Welt, the number horrified me…374.2! Over 60% body fat! And slowly the realization hit me…I need to lose over 200 pounds…. Yes, I admit it. I weighed 374.2 pounds!!! As embarrassing as this is, I cannot help or inspire others unless I tell the whole truth…the BIG FAT ugly truth. I was truly miserable. Since February 4th I’ve lost 92.9 pounds and gained a lifetime of knowledge about healthy living!!!! Yes…I have lost over 90 pounds in 90 days! I want to share how the people, products, and services offered at Lifetime have not only changed my life, but SAVED it, with you!

In the first conversation Matt had with me, he encouraged me to take Lifetime’s Longevity and Vitality lab testing and Stress & Resilience. He educated me about what I could learn from the test, and how we would use the information from the test to create a plan tailored for me! I took the test and it became a crucial piece to the success of my first 90 days. It is true that applied knowledge is power! Among many other things, the results indicated that I had a very high level of inflammation, digestive inflammation, and thyroid antibodies in my body. Because of this Matt encouraged me to take Lifetime’s Food and Allergy test. This test gave me more insight into what foods would work with me and which foods (even healthy ones) would work against me. Eggs….ugggg! I found out I have a severe sensitivity to eggs. When I started the 90 day challenge, I started eating eggs every day. If I would not have done the food allergy test, I would still be eating tons of eggs thinking I’m eating what is healthy for me, but in actuality I was unknowingly causing more harm than good! Armed with all this knowledge from these tests, I met with our clubs’ nutritionist, Cliff Edberg. I met with him on a one-on-one basis to set up a meal-plan that worked for me and went to his E.A.T. Class, which is nutrition education in a group setting. I learned not only what to eat and what supplements to take, but most importantly, why. It was a brand new approach to food and nutrition that I had never tried. I also joined Team Weight-Loss. The combination of one-on-one training with Matt, and the camaraderie of Team Weight-Loss has certainly been a significant key to my success thus far.

A hero is defined as someone who saves the life of someone else….90 days ago I walked into Lifetime Fitness Chanhassen and met a collection of people who during the next 90 days became my heroes. I know this story is supposed to be about me, but my story would not be the same without each and everyone of these incredible people I met during this part of my journey…And as the saying goes…”It takes a village…”

–Mark Grap…(Director of Member Services) Thank you for your unwavering belief in me. Thank you for being a shoulder to cry on and a smile to count on. You make Lifetime Fitness in Chanhassen a warm and welcoming place to be.

–Pat Buesgens…(Member Activities)..My beautiful friend…Thank you for making me feel so important and for listening to me talk and talk and talk…My journey would not be complete without you!

–Mike Anderson (Massage Therapist)…Thank you for keeping my body feeling good and for making me feel so comfortable…Can’t go wrong with Lifetime’s CMT of the year!!!!

–Cliff Edberg (Nutritionist)…You have been an invaluable resource for me! Thank you Cliff, for being available, approachable, and so right about what I should be eating!!!

–Jason T.,John K., Deb, all the trainers…Thank you for cheering me on every step of the way!

–Members of Lifetime Fitness Chanhassen…You have been so supportive of me…Thank you so much.

–Matt Welt (Personal Trainer)…My trainer, my friend, my hero…When I think about the impact you have had on me, my eyes well up with tears. To say I am grateful to you is a drastic understatement…Your passion for healthy living is infectious…Your depth of knowledge about fitness and nutrition is unbelievable….but what matters most to me, and you may not even know this, is the fact that you absolutely 100% believe in me.

The 90-Day Weight-loss Challenge was such a fun, exciting way to jump start my weight-loss journey. I still have a ways to go, but I’m so happy and proud to be where I am right now. If you are reading this for inspiration for your own journey…I believe in you…you can do it!

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