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Ashlee C.
2012 Spring Weight Loss Challenge Winner

Lost 54.4 lbs (-30.545%) *
*Results not typical
Ashlee C.

I had just relocated from out of state and was so excited to find they had Life Time Fitness in my area. My family and I were members when I was younger, but I hadn’t lived near one for almost a decade. I have looked forward to rejoining the Life Time community ever since. A few months after I moved to Ohio, I was driving down the road when I saw the Beachwood Life Time. Before I knew it I had pulled into the parking lot and was walking into the building, inquiring about a membership. It looked and felt exactly how I remembered it. I could not have been more motivated to get started, and I signed up right then and there! I hadn’t worked out in a long time so I figured I should probably give myself a couple of days before I actually headed in there to work out. Fourteen months later and another 15 pounds heavier … I still had not gone. I had a million and one excuses as to why I couldn’t go: my work schedule, the weather, travel plans, etc., etc. But the truth of the matter was, I had never been this out of shape in my entire life and I didn’t know how to do anything about it. The idea of conquering my weight alone was too overwhelming. I couldn’t face it, but I wasn’t totally ready to give up either. So every month I continued to pay the membership dues as punishment for being so pathetic. Finally, one weekend when I was sitting at home staring at my new clothes from Christmas — which I was too afraid to try on — I came across an email from Life Time that I couldn’t ignore: “Change Your Life in 90 Days.” I spent the rest of the evening reading success stories from past winners. Finally I registered online for the last possible time slot for the weigh-in. The afternoon I arrived for the weigh-in I was ready to turn around and leave, but the training staff was so friendly and welcoming I decided to stick it out. I knew if I was really going to do this I needed some help and, luckily for me, I met my trainer, Karl Jacobson, who indisputably is the reason I have been so successful. The first day I told him my goal was to lose 40 pounds and to feel comfortable wearing shorts again. Without hesitation he promised me we could do that in 90 days if I was willing to commit. I, of course, had no idea what I was capable of, but I figured I had nothing but weight to lose. I put all my faith in him and followed his plan religiously. At my first session he came prepared with personalized nutrition guidelines. After our workout, he took me down to the LifeCafe and explained which supplements and vitamins would help give me the greatest chance for success. I’m so thankful I listened because after my first two weeks working out with him, I lost over 10 pounds. I still have no idea how, considering I could barely walk those two weeks because I was so sore! Karl’s confidence in me, and seeing that scale shift so favorably SO quickly, was all the motivation I needed to reach my goal. Per his recommendation, I started picking up my workouts to 5 days a week, doing light cardio on the days we didn’t train and watching what I was eating based on his guidelines. I bought FastFuel from the LifeCafe and started replacing at least one meal a day with protein shakes. I also made sure I ate a protein-rich breakfast every day. On the days I trained with him, I would also drink a 100-calorie Muscle Milk midmorning and pre-workout. I really felt this gave me the extra energy I needed so I didn’t dread the workout and could show up energized. It also helped tremendously that almost daily upon my arrival at the gym, a member of the training staff would comment positively on my results and let me know they were rooting for me. I even had a cheering squad from the employees in the LifeCafe!

Besides walking in the door and stepping on the scale that first day, the hardest part about this challenge was maintaining the time commitment to achieve the results I desired. Every night before bed, I would pack my gym bag and set it by the door so there was no way I could have an excuse to skip my workouts. Then I placed it in my front seat so I was forced to see it as soon as I got into my car. My family, friends and co-workers were all amazingly supportive, and they all consistently encouraged me to maintain my commitment.
This whole experience has been so rewarding! I no longer start off every day agonizing over which outfit makes me look “the least fat.” That has had the biggest impact on me. Getting dressed had always been the worst part of my day, but now that I am able to wake up and feel good about myself, it enables me to make positive decisions for myself all day long! I began this competition hoping to lose 40 pounds so I could look good. Instead I lost more than my initial goal and not only do I look good, I feel great too! This is the first time in my entire life I have been able to look at myself in the mirror and feel happy about what’s being reflected. I can never begin to thank everyone for all their encouragement and support, especially my family and my trainer, Karl. I had no idea I had it in me to see this challenge through to the finish, but somehow, Karl did. I am still completely amazed at his dedication to my cause. He even took time outside our sessions to make sure I always had new challenges to keep me focused. It’s hard to believe that 90 days ago I couldn’t even run for 5 minutes, and now I am running over 5 miles a day! I’ve accomplished so much in these few short months. I can’t wait to see what else I can accomplish now that I am an active (shorts-wearing) member of the Life Time community again!

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