past winners

Bernard C.
Fall 2013 Weight Loss Challenge Winner

Lost 124.8 pounds
37.82% of body weight *
*Results not typical
Bernard C.

“We pass this way but once so let’s make a difference” had become a difficult motto to live by as my weight was slowing me down. It was time to make a change. The 90-Day Challenge afforded the competition to change.

The Motivation:

  • Improved health and energy.
  • Lifestyle; ability to be more active and social. Participate in a turkey trot!
  • Competition; will to win of a competitive guy.
  • Run with my children.
  • China Strong; trekking through 2 weeks in numerous China towns, and not seeing a single over weight individual.
  • Life Time Gold Member for 10+ years and looking like I did on August 1, 2013 (yikes)!

The Enablers:

  • Family, Friends, and Support (expanded upon below)
  • Attitude above all that we will win the challenge recognizing that “sore is good”.
  • Juice fast; first 6 days of only vegetable juicers gave me a significant jump start in weight loss and shrunk my stomach size to curb my appetite. For the first time in my prior diet attempts, I was not feeling hungry.
  • Good tennis shoes key to protect from injury and manage soreness.
  • Professional help in a Personal Trainer. Accountability, experience, and encouragement are 3 distinct benefits. My Trainer Jake, equipped with his permanent grin and good humor, remained positive and created a variety of workouts to keep me physically challenged and mentally fresh. We did not do the same thing twice in the first 30 days, a huge plus for a guy that gets bored!
  • Diet; no/low carbs, green vegetables and more green vegetables, droplets of vinegar dressing, lean/lite turkey, calorie counting, label watching, no meals after 6:30PM, 5-6 small meals per day, discipline. I cheated once in 90 days by having a single raspberry!
  • Water; 1.25 Gallons minimum per day of ice water. Fortunately I enjoy water as it was my sole beverage and ‘soul’ beverage.
  • Cardio; daily cardio at the proper heart rate. Monitor determined my optimal weight loss heart rate to be 165. I stepped up my workouts to achieve this level. After 45 days, and the weight loss slowing down, Jake suggested 2 cardio sessions per day to get the heart going on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.
  • Set a stretch goal, write it down, graph and track your progress to the goal. Write down strategies/ideas on the graph.
  • Life Time Facilities; Novi location 5 miles from home. Also took advantage of Commerce, Troy, and Macomb locations when I found myself in those areas.
  • Day 35 I discovered the wet sauna. Day 50 the dry sauna and hot tub. These are nice ‘treats’ after work out. Work is a four letter word; not the only one I used over the grueling 13 weeks!
  • Tigers Baseball; watching games made the cardio workouts achievable!
  • Sleep; replace TV with sleep.
  • Veggie vitamins. Fish oil – Knees went from sore as ‘ell to comfortable. 

The Team that made it happen:

  • My strength came from the strongest person I know, my wife. Simply the best.
  • I am truly blessed to have 3 incredible children, and their friends, who provided endless support and encouragement. My wife and daughter got to experience Jake’s workouts first hand!
  • Hockey program coaching staff, neighbors, friends, co-workers, v-ball families – you mean the world to me.
  • Life Time Staff kept the journey going (when it would have been easy to quit) with friendly, encouraging and always smiling disposition.
  • Life Time fellow Members for their recognition and kind words. Appreciated.
  • Geoff; hemorrhoid experience.
  • Snicker Doodle – our family golden doodle became my night time walk/jog partner, always with a jump in her step and lick of my face.


  • Health and spring in my step that I haven’t had in 5-10 years.
  • Increased energy to enjoy life
  • Amazing feeling of loose clothes and belt
  • Showered with kind words; “Wow you look great”.
  • Labatt is ok as long as it is followed by Life Time.
  • Competing!
  • Grand Bend beach here we come! 
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