past winners

Carrie H.
2015 Spring Weight-Loss Challenge Runner-Up

Lost 43.8 pounds
21.20% of body weight *
*Results not typical
Carrie H.

As I sit down to write this essay, I am overwhelmed with emotions. Three months ago, I could not have imagined I’d feel grateful, ecstatic, healthy and strong. This is the exact opposite of how I felt when I started this adventure.

This has been an extremely personal journey as the last 2 years have been difficult. My Dad, a diabetic, was diagnosed with cancer and passed away 6 months ago. He always told me not to make the unhealthy choices he had made. I fell into a state of depression, was not taking care of myself and felt like I was living in a fog. I miss my dad every day, but he has truly been my inspiration throughout this whole challenge.

I have struggled with my weight for years. My weight gain started after having my two boys. I tried many diets, and my weight yo-yoed back and forth, but nothing worked permanently. I worked full time, ran my boys to all their activities and lost myself somewhere in between. Being a mom has always been my top priority, and I felt guilty taking “ME” time. My weight and health suffered.

In February of this year, I knew I had to make a change and met with a doctor about my nutritional options. We put a plan in place, and I was starting to get really motivated. Then my good friend, Yolie, said she was going to join the 90-Day challenge at Life Time and encouraged me to try it with her. I thought it was a great idea to combine my new eating plan with the accountability of the Challenge. Plus, having a girlfriend to workout with was an added bonus.

On February 8th, I completed my initial weigh-in, and I was embarrassed by the number on the scale. On that same day, I was introduced to George Aranda, my trainer. I immediately signed up for personal training, and Yolie and I were on our way. My workout schedule consisted of five days of cardio and training with George once a week. Our workouts were tough, and I was often so sore I could barely move. My diet consisted of lean meats, lots of green veggies, and limited carbohydrates. I started to lose pounds and felt my confidence coming back! Then George suggested that I get the metabolic testing done so I could maximize my cardio workouts. That is when I met my second trainer, Kim Underwood. I completed the test and decided to sign up for her metabolic training. Kim pushed me to limits I never could have imagined to achieve on my own. That is when everything change,d and I began to get the BIG results in my weight loss. I started to see my name on the local leaderboard and then eventually on the national leaderboard. I had forgotten how competitive I was and how good I could feel!

I would like to thank my amazing and supportive family. Especially my husband who would encourage me to go to the gym when I just didn’t have the energy and would tell me, “This is when the strong get stronger.” I thank Yolie and my friends, who have given me much encouragement, and thank my mom who has always given me unconditional love and strength. Most of all, I am grateful to my dad, who I know was with me every step of the way. I think he would be proud!

I would also like to thank Life Time – this 90-Day Challenge has been a true lifesaver and has provided my family with a happy, healthy mom! I must give a huge shout-out to my trainers, Kim and George! I could not have done this without them. They always pushed me to be my best and cheered me on daily!

I have to say that it wasn’t easy, but losing 43.8 lbs. was well worth the effort. I am excited because this is just the beginning. I will continue on this unbelievable journey that has changed my life forever. 

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