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Casey C.
2016 Spring Transformation Finalist

86.67% change in body fat percent *
*Results not typical
Casey C.

“90 Days to a Better Life”

I have always lived a very active lifestyle. In college I suffered an injury in which I tore my ACL and meniscus. I did not pursue surgery due to work and school commitments; I could not forfeit two months of recovery time and cover all the medical expenses I would have accrued.

I discovered I had a passion helping people, so I decided to enroll in Nursing School. I had multiple classes that involved hours upon hours of reading and memorization. My active lifestyle had gradually morphed into staying ahead in anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology.

After finishing nursing school, and being a new father, the opportunities in Indianapolis were not as promising as I had hoped. However, I received an offer to work in a Trauma Center in Gary. It would be away from home for half the week, but it would bring the stability and support I needed to provide for my family. Needless to say, working 12-hour, high-intensity shifts, barely gave me time to sleep, eat, and visit with loved ones, let alone go to a gym. After almost 2 years of traveling, I noticed it really starting to take a toll on my physique, as well as my overall health. I needed to make a change; not only for myself, but also for my family.

I knew the Castle Creek Life Time was the gym for me. There are many aspects of its appeal: close proximity to my house, open 24 hours a day, daycare and pool for my water-loving toddler, pristine look, and of course all the workout amenities I could ever ask for under one roof. It was very easy to make Life Time my second home as I embarked on my 90-Day Challenge.

I had to consciously stay aware of all of my workout techniques to avoid exacerbating my college knee injury. I also had to ensure I stayed healthy so I could steadily work towards my goal of achieving 10% overall body fat. I was at 22.5% at the beginning of the challenge. During my first month, I bruised the bottom of both my feet. I did not let this minor, yet painful, setback stop me from my rigorous workout schedule. Throughout the rest of my 90-Day Challenge, I continued to research and focus on Cardio Acceleration and HIIT. I also utilized resources that Life Time had to offer; through my Metabolic Assessment I gained a better understanding of how to optimize my workouts by tracking my heart rate and becoming aware of my aerobic threshold. During the last 6 weeks of my 90-Day Challenge I learned the Kettlebell Routine from Life Time’s website, and it helped me to exceed my progress goals.

My time spent at Life Time was not the only key to my success; I discovered my nutrition outside of the gym was an integral factor to keep achieving my body fat transformation goals. My nutritional journey was one of evolution throughout the 90-Day Challenge. In the beginning, I purely thought cutting out toxins (fast food, alcohol), cutting calories, reducing sodium, and eating low-fat foods would be sufficient. After steady weekly losses, I realized breaking my plateau required more nutritional sacrifices, so I researched high-protein diets and carbohydrate timing.

At the beginning of the challenge, I looked forward to my cheat meals. Even though I noticed my fat rebounding, I still was consistently losing body fat. After a trip home with family over Easter, I had my first positive trend in my fat loss percentage. It was then I decided to cut out my “cheat meal” and find healthier alternatives to foods I previously enjoyed. I also created a routine of prepping all of my meals for work. A trainer at Life Time introduced me to Grass-Fed Fast Fuel, which I regularly used as a meal replacement. The time and effort really started to show as I found myself in 1st place at my gym, and in the top 20 nationally. By the beginning of the last month of my 90-Day Challenge, I had met my initial goal of 10% body fat; I had all the motivation I needed.

The last 6 weeks of my Challenge provided an extreme eye-opening experience for me. My dedication to my personal fitness program, coupled with the love and support of my family, made me realize I was not only transforming my body, I was transforming myself into the person I knew I could be. As friends started to not recognize me due to my dramatic physical changes, I felt the overwhelming positive benefits of taking care of myself from the inside out. I started remembering the individual I used to be: the healthy, active, positive role model for not only my children, but for others who could benefit from my story.

I spent 3 years learning how to help others and save lives, but through Life Time’s 90-Day Challenge I learned how to take care of myself, and saved my life in 3 months. As I complete my competition, I am preparing myself for another amazing addition to our family – a baby boy! I can now share my success and my healthy lifestyle with my whole family and to continue to be the strong support and role model that my loved ones are proud of.

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