past winners

Christine L.
2015 Spring Weight Loss Challenge Runner-Up

Lost 45.2 pounds
22.05% of body weight *
*Results not typical
Christine L.

As an educator and instructional specialist, one would think that losing weight would be as simple as knowing what to do. When I first signed up for the 90-Day Challenge, it was with the growth mindset that I would be adding to my workout repertoire. Felicia Roth, my Life Time Fitness Pilates instructor explained to me that it would be much more than just workouts. Nutrition plays a larger role. 

About two weeks before the contest began, I shared my plan with family, friends, and co-workers. I wanted to make sure that I was held accountable. The more I planned, the more excited I was to do this! I finally decided it was time to turn my unhealthy lifestyle around beginning with nutrition. I used to think “Oh, I can eat this today. Losing weight is easy. I will be better tomorrow.” The problem was that I never changed my attitude tomorrow. If losing weight were easy, everyone would do it!

One week before the contest, I received news that I would need to have a hysterectomy. While it is a common procedure, it devastated me. My initial thought was that the contest was over for me. Even worse, the idea of losing weight and my excitement came to a crashing halt. I talked with everyone I could: my family, friends and doctor. Some believed that the surgery should happen immediately, while my doctor maintained that it was up to me. As a working mother with a busy family, I needed a plan that I could wrap my head around.

After researching the surgery and what it would take for recovery, I found a greater purpose for losing the weight. Going into surgery with a healthy body could make a huge difference in recovery time. My plan for weight loss was re-ignited and now more importantly with a focus on health versus looks. My doctor agreed that the surgery could wait out the ninety days. My determination to become healthy for my family became a top priority.

One of my goals was to attend every Tuesday session and listen to my coaches and instructors. Felicia looked over my menu plan and made adjustments to my nutrition. She showed me Life Time’s lean source and Vegan Max. There was so much I realized that I needed to know and learn. I did not know that eating too little or not getting enough sleep can have negative impact on weight. I also did not know that heart rate and interval workouts were the key to burning sugar.

The first thirty days were by far the hardest. I focused on preparing my own meals and making time to go to the gym. I had to depend on other people to help me stay focused and to get my kids to their nightly activities. I realized that this was not a journey that I had to face alone.

Whenever I craved something unhealthy or my children wanted something, they would sacrifice and learn with me. My youngest son even would tell me, “Mom, you don’t want that. It probably has mold in it.” Most importantly, my children and husband began to eat more healthily and understand the importance of nutrition.

My biggest challenge for the first thirty days was eliminating Diet Coke from my daily routine. Many places encourage diet sodas while losing weight. Felicia wanted me to eliminate all chemicals from my body and was the first (other than my husband) to emphasize how bad soda is for the body. It was a reminder that I am changing my health and not just trying to lose weight. Felicia was helping to keep me healthy.

By day sixty, not only did I stop craving Diet Coke, but it tasted bad to me. In fact I found that anything that had sugar was too sweet and unappealing. By day ninety, I found that even alcohol did not appeal to me as it once had. 

It truly was not easy and ninety days seemed like an eternity, but now that I have done this I cannot imagine going back. Yes, I will probably let myself have a cheat here and there, but I am not interested in eating and drinking things that I know will ultimately affect my health. 

While I did not get much opportunity to enjoy this new body before undergoing major surgery, I believe that I am able to move and heal better knowing that I am carrying 45 less pounds than I was just a few months before. Once I heal, I plan to continue my healthy lifestyle for my family and myself. It is no longer about “being skinny” but about being able to enjoy my life!

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