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Cody B.
2015 Spring Transformation Challenge Runner-Up

71.26% change in body fat *
*Results not typical
Cody B.

Part 1: “Daddy, why is your belly button so deep?”

My 6-year-old didn’t mean anything by it; to him it was a simple question akin to “Why is the sky blue?” and “Why are your armpits furry?” However, I couldn’t quickly distance myself from the sting of his passing, innocent inquiry.

As a father of three children aged 4 to 8, I was in the front car of the weight loss roller coaster. 2014 saw my biggest peak of parenthood, as I watched my normally 220-lb. frame light up the blue LED lights on the scale at…240.

The excuses started to creep in. “LOTS of dads put on weight when they have kids” and “I’m probably one of the fittest 34-year-old dads out there. At least in the top 10%…”

It’s sad how quickly we can accept our circumstances as “Well, this is just how it’s going to be.”

Fitness has always been important to me and I have been in the gym five to six days per week, without fail, for several years. I love going to the gym. I also love “reward meals” which sounds so much better than “cheat meals.” And by “meal” I typically mean “weekend.”

Something had to change. I got myself here and I had to get myself out of it. For me and for my family.

Part 2: “Heavy Jesus”

Three years ago I was asked to audition for the role of Jesus in The Thorn, an Easter production that started here in Colorado but now travels around the country. Annually, tens of thousands of people pack the auditoriums of churches to experience the epic production.

There are five actors that play the role and travel to the different cities. My nickname on the road was “Heavy Jesus.” Not “Fit Jesus” or “Lean Jesus.” (Clarification: no one meant it in a derogatory way; I was about 30 pounds heavier than any of the other actors.)

As you can see in my before pictures (taken about two months prior to the show), I had some work to do.

Part 3: The Transformation

I did “carb cycling.” Six days a week were low- or no-carb days, medium fats, and high protein. I cut dairy as well. Saturday was carb day with oatmeal, sweet potato, and a reward meal at night.

The fats and proteins kept me feeling full and meant I could enjoy coconut milk, steak, eggs, nuts, avocado, etc. I gradually cut back the fats and kept carb days very clean. The last few weeks I have cut the reward meal and the fats almost completely.

I got my big body on the StairMaster. Every day for 90 days, for 30 to 45 minutes. Toward the end I forgot if I was doing StairMaster intervals or the StairMaster was doing “Cody intervals.” I became one with the machine.

I also stuck to a strict resistance-workout routine that consisted of four to five days on, then one day off. On the off days, I still hit cardio intervals. This allowed me to hit all body parts two to three times every six to seven days. Splits varied, but were mainly chest/arms, legs/shoulders, back.

Travelling. I had two trips during the 90-Day Challenge. One of them was near my mom, so I had her prep meals ahead of time and bring a massive cooler to the hotel. I also bought a $20 hot plate to make my eggs every day, and I pre-measured my supplements and pills into plastic bags. I also found a Life Time Fitness and drove 20 minutes each way every day to get my workouts in.

The second trip was for four days, and I had the confidence from the previous trip to plan accordingly. I pre-mixed all powders and supplements, and I had my meals written down before I left for the airport.

More specifically, “having young children who eat mac and cheese and cookies at every meal.” My biggest temptations were those leftover pizza crusts, grilled cheese bites, and last bit of buttered noodles in their bowls as I was doing the dishes. My goals were clear and I was laser-focused.

CONCLUSION: “Daddy, now all you need is a blue shield!”

Two days ago, my 8-year-old son said I looked like Captain America. I am so proud of myself and what I have done in the last 90 days. I have grown so much mentally and physically, and my life will never be the same.

I’m also competing in my first-ever Men’s Physique competition on May 16th. By the time you read this, it will have already happened. I have lots of pictures of The Thorn, my transformation, and of the Physique Show this weekend.

Thank you for this opportunity to change my life forever.

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