past winners

Danielle G.
2015 Fall Transformation Challenge Winner

57.68% change in body fat *
*Results not typical
Danielle G.

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I feel my story is not uncommon to most people wanting to improve their health and fitness. I was aware that I was overweight and unhealthy. I cared about my health and appearance. I wanted to change, but for years I didn’t care enough to make it a priority. I was “uncomfortably content.”

I put my needs on the back burner to everyone else’s. I looked and felt like a larger shell of my former self; constantly tired, achy and wearing whatever fit to hide my body. Add in pregnancy-induced hypothyroidism, working 13-hour shifts and, it’s safe to say, my energy was tanked. My cholesterol was dangerously high, and my pregnancies left me with a condition where my abdominal muscles separated resulting in me always looking 6 months pregnant.

One day I caught my reflection and knew it was time. The next day I went in for my first workout and saw a table of people signing up. I spoke to trainers Tamara and Colin who told me about the Challenge.

I looked at the life-sized posters of previous winners. They were real people like me. Tamara mentioned the Grand Prize. My eyes fell out of my face, and it was GAME ON. I paid my dues and signed up for Boot Camp with Colin.

The event was very organized. Life Time had made it impossible to fail. I weighed in and sat with trainer “Ariel With The Fabulous Quads.” She emphasized that proper nutrition would be essential to my success. My goals were straightforward: Lower cholesterol, lose 30 lb., no longer look pregnant, fit into clothes and increase energy.

My nutrition plan was simple: Lean meats, vegetables, good carbs and nuts. Drink only water. No dairy. No processed foods. Opt for lower/fat-free food options. Must eat breakfast, eat every 3 to 4 hours after, and no eating after 7pm. Food must be packed the night before so it would get done.

My exercise plan was to move and lift heavy things. I thought my biggest challenge would be finding time to work out. I needed to give it my all and found that I was able to work out 6 days a week!

I saw results in the first few weeks but hit a wall at week 5. I used my LT BUCK$ and met with nutritionist Mary Beth. We discussed different approaches to macronutrients. I chose a plan that went against everything I had been taught about weight loss. It was high in healthy fat, moderate in protein and low in carbs. I started this plan a few days later and by the next week, broke the plateau. My energy was soaring.

A few weeks later, I hit another plateau. I used LT BUCK$ to schedule a private session with Colin for a total-body plyometric workout. It gave me just the boost I needed and I was back on my way.

At 3 1/2 weeks after starting the Challenge, blood work showed that I reduced my cholesterol by 50%! My levels went from high risk to normal. I felt extremely proud and astonished that I could lower it so quickly. Goal Number 1: CHECK! I also lost my first 10 lb. and noticed a reduction in stomach bloat! Still had a tummy, but didn’t look 6 months pregnant. Goal Number 2: CHECK!

After meeting with Mary Beth and changing the nutrition plan, my energy levels have been phenomenal. Goal Number 3: CHECK!

At week 9, it was time to buy new clothes for work because my clothes were too big! Goal Number 4: CHECK! People started noticing my physical changes: friends, co-workers, gym members and staff, even strangers. People weren’t just asking if I worked out, they were asking what I was doing and if I could help them. I showed them my orange 90-Day Challenge wristband and explained the Challenge. When I show them my “before” photo, the response I get is jaw-dropping disbelief. This is followed by statements like, “You’re an inspiration” and “You have given me motivation.”

It’s an amazing feeling to make great improvements to your life, and also have a positive impact on those around you. That alone has made this journey special. I started out doing this for myself, but am now a role model to others. I am what happens when you decide to be honest with yourself about your unhappiness with your health. I am what happens when you choose to do what you need to do, even if it’s not what you want to do.

I feel great, have had a total lifestyle change, become an awesome cook, am healthier and as of this morning officially hit my final goal of a 30-lb. weight loss! Goal Number 5: CHECK!

This has been a great experience for me. I had to be straightforward with myself about my barriers to success. I had to stop being “uncomfortably content” and start being honest with what I wanted and how I was going to get it. I hope that what I have done with my life continues to give others motivation. 90 days is not unrealistic for you to say YES to improve your health and fitness. I hope to inspire the next group of fitness warriors who take on the 90-Day Challenge. To those future competitors I say with confidence, you CAN do this, you CAN be successful and you WILL see changes.

Our next challenge begins August 20th and registration is now open.  Will you be our next success story? Click to sign up below. 

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