past winners

David O.
2015 Spring Weight Loss Challenge Runner-Up

Lost 101.8 pounds
29.04% of body weight
*Results not typical
David O.

I gained a lot of weight in the past year. Every day, I would wake up with stiff joints, knee pain and zero energy.

My job responsibilities increased, and there was a lot more demand on my time to meet strict deadlines. I had almost completely stopped working out at the gym. I made a lot of excuses to myself, like “I’ll go tomorrow” or “I’m too tired today,” and go home after work, sit on the couch and watch TV. It was easy to make excuses not to eat right and exercise.

My diet had gotten really unhealthy. I was eating large meals throughout the day and unhealthy snacks at night. After continually buying larger jeans, I reached the point where I knew that something had to change.

Then, one day I was at Life Time and I saw the signs for the 90-Day Challenge. I thought, “I should do that.” I knew it was what I needed to help me get my health back on track.

Weigh-in weekend came and I signed up with DJ, one of the trainers at Life Time. He talked with me about my goals and what I hoped to accomplish doing the Challenge. He advised me about the benefits of working with a personal trainer. I took his advice and signed up for a personal training package on the spot.

The first couple weeks I worked out on my own, walking on the treadmill and using the stationary bike and elliptical machines. As I did this, I observed many of the Life Time trainers working with their clients. I knew I wanted to work with someone that made working out fun. I noticed Felicia infused fun into her sessions, and she was very attentive with her clients.

Three weeks into the Challenge, I started personal training sessions with Felicia. It was the best decision I made. She set up interesting and challenging workouts for me. Most of the exercises I had never done before. She adjusted the workouts to continually challenge me as my strength and flexibility increased. I’m so glad I didn’t do it alone, as I would have only done cardio workouts. She helped make the journey successful for me and made personal training fun.

I completely changed my diet. At the beginning of the Challenge, I only drank vegetable juice with a little apple in it. Thirty pounds came off quickly. I felt very hungry and knew I couldn’t maintain a strictly juice diet, so I read about diet and nutrition and started to eat small, healthy meals. Felicia introduced me to Liz, a Life Time nutritionist, and I received lots of valuable information on supplements and eating healthy.

For breakfast, I ate oatmeal with walnuts or cottage cheese and fruit or egg whites. Luckily, there was a good salad bar at the work cafeteria, so I made a delicious and healthy salad with lots of vegetables, beans, chickpeas and balsamic vinegar dressing for lunch. After my daily workout, I would eat a small dinner of chicken or steak with vegetables. I also started drinking Life Time’s FastFuel Complete shakes.

Every Tuesday when I weighed in, Felicia was there to support me with encouraging words and a big high-five. DJ continually offered encouragement throughout the 90 days which included weekly emails that helped me stay on track. Many of the trainers at Life Time asked me how it was going and if they could help in any way. I am so grateful for their belief in me.

Life Time has become a big part of my life. I take my gym bag with me every morning so I can go directly to the gym after work. Everyone that works at Life Time is great. From Christina at the front desk, who always warmly greets me with a smile and always says something positive, to the people that work at the Activities desk that say hello.

As the 90-Day Challenge comes to an end, I am feeling so much better and a lot healthier. I am full of energy and no more waking up with pain and stiff joints. Thank you, Life Time, for giving me my life back. I look forward to seeing all the friendly faces at the gym tomorrow, as I continue my weight loss journey.

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