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Deborah P.
2015 Spring Weight Loss Challenge Runner-Up

Lost 36.6 pounds
21.05% of body weight *
*Results not typical
Deborah P.

The Plan: I called my 90-Day Challenge “The Great Reveal.” Truthfully, I have another two to three months to go before I will be at my goal weight – somewhere between 115 and 125 pounds for my 4’11” height. This Challenge came a couple of months after I made the decision to sign up at Life Time for the purpose of integrating exercise back into my life . . . and to lose the weight I had gained the last few years due to ridiculously long work hours. At 184 pounds, my first goal was to get to the gym three to four days a week. In February, at 178 pounds, the 90-Day Challenge was a good excuse to kick things up in the time that I was now carving out. Ninety days and another 40 pounds later, my body is back to a healthy weight and my mind is better at prioritizing time for the exercise that I require.

My Trainer: Brad Wein is my personal trainer (and brother), and he persuaded me to join Life Time. Brad and I have been, at various times in our lives, very good and also not so good at prioritizing diet and exercise as part of a healthful way of life. Brad made a huge lifestyle change a few years back and decided to come out from behind the desk and step into the (athletic) shoes of a personal trainer. The meditation practices that he started integrating into his daily life also popped up in his training practices. The first time I officially trained with him, I was surprised (as siblings tend to be) about how good he was at being completely focused on me. I was impressed by the level of explanation that he wove into each workout. Having hired personal trainers earlier in my life, I knew that you get more muscle development out of concentrating on the individual muscle groups while you are working out. However, hearing Brad speak about the importance of integrating mind, body and spirit while we focused on the physical routine and ‘being in the moment” was quite refreshing. The added structure of the workout routine also reinforced accountability and has helped shift my mindset and priorities. Along with this, Brad practices Life Time’s Core 3 Method – a combination of metabolic assessment, nutritional education and personal training. I have come to incorporate all three areas into my daily routine, albeit sometimes in baby steps.

About Me: I’m genetically predisposed to being fat and of heavy build – an endomorph body type. I am built to retain fat. I would be the perfect companion for during a zombie apocalypse since it seems that I don’t need to eat much to survive. (In fact, when we did my RestingMetabolicAssessment, my rate was so low that it had to be taken twice to obtain results.) Like the joke, I would have been the one that would be outrun and left for zombie dinner, giving my companions the chance to get away. Although not anymore . . .

Having lost weight through diet alone, I know firsthand that diet without exercise just delays the inevitable return to being overweight. It also allows you to prioritize other areas of life ahead of physical health. Career, family and all the large and small daily to-do’s become distractions for not putting the time in to honor your own body. So, I knew this time around, I needed to integrate an exercise mindset in parallel with an aggressive diet . . . because when I reach my goal of maintenance, muscle mass is KEY to being able to eat, in moderation, the food I so enjoy.

So, what is “The Great Reveal”? I lost over 22.8% total body fat during the Challenge and 25.4% since I started my membership, accomplishing this through both diet and exercise. This said, although I can see . . . and feel . . . and measure (in the amount of weight lifted) that I must now have a developed musculature, I still retain a sufficient layer of fat to conceal all that toning. The Great Reveal will transpire over the next two to three months as the final 20 to 30 pounds fall away to reveal not just a thinner body, but a toned body as well.

Ulterior motives: I love to prepare, serve and eat great food and want to continue to do so. Because of my endomorph body type, the only way I can do this is to develop and maintain a sufficient amount of muscle mass to burn those calories!! I also choose not to die from atherosclerosis/ stroke/ diabetes/ kidney failure/ heart failure (as my father did) due to the food and exercise choices I make today.

It looks like Brad and I will be training together for a long time.


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