past winners

Eric M.
2012 Fall Transformation Challenge Winner

Lost 86 lbs (-28.4%) *
*Results not typical
Eric M.

Why did you enter the 90 day challenge?

Skinny people don’t realize what it’s like to be overweight on an airplane, let alone be stuck in the middle. The seat always reclines inadvertently because our legs are squeezed against the button. Everyone knows an airplane is filled like a sardine can…imagine being the fat sardine…in everything you do.

REAL MOTIVATION? My 3 year old son and 3 month old daughter deserve an active dad and my wife deserves a healthy spouse, the man that she married 6 years ago. They need someone that can keep up with them and I wasn’t living up to my end of the bargain. How can I expect them to grow up living a healthy lifestyle and develop good habits if I didn’t practice what I preached? With the exception of a few years after college when I lost 70 lbs, I have been overweight my entire life. When I lost that weight – I felt amazing, it was the best time of my life and it was when I met my wife.

The stresses of the real world (post college) started to get the best of me and my way of dealing with stress is to eat. Slowly over the last 7 years I put all the weight back on. I had very little energy and motivation. It became harder to tie my shoes and ALL my clothes were getting tight. I was tired of cringing when other people in my presence talked about other people who were “overweight” or “fat” DID THEY NOT KNOW THAT I AM STANDING RIGHT THERE…HELLO!!!


How did you do it?

Bob Holper, was my trainer for the entire contest, and I received help from nearly every other trainer at the club. I asked a lot of questions and advice from family, especially my mom (LOVE YOU MOM!), and friends. Most of all my wife was incredibly supportive and was there for me every time I considered quitting or I needed a boost. It wasn’t easy on her with a newborn baby at home. From here on out…I will refer to us as “WE”

We started by building up the metabolism. We lifted weights at least twice a week and did cardio every day. Honestly, my average work out was no more than 60 minutes. For the last 40 days, I did work out twice a day but it was never more than 60 minutes per work out. The nutrition was flawless: high protein, moderate but good fats, lots of veggies and low carbohydrate. No starch, only low glycemic carbs at the very most.

We didn’t cut calories until about 5 weeks out from the end because at this time the fat was melting right off my body – my strength and endurance was as good as ever. To try and win the contest, we started lowering the daily calories on a weekly basis (2500/day to 2250/day and all the way down to 1250). Then we did a vegetable and fruit juice only diet for about 2 weeks (this was about 20lbs of weight loss).


Will you maintain the healthy lifestyle?

Absolutely – its kind of a treat to only work out once per day! I can give more to my family which is the most rewarding aspect, and to think we did it in only 90 days!

I also love the opportunity to help other people. After realizing the success of the program, numerous people have asked for advice on what they can do to get similar results and to be able to help other people is incredibly rewarding.

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