past winners

James G.
2015 Spring Weight Loss Challenge Runner-Up

Lost 76.7 pounds
27.72% of body weight *
*Results not typical
James G.

My name is Jim Glynn. My Life Time Fitness journey started because of my beautiful two-year-old granddaughter. My wife, Betty, and I had a difficult time chasing after her. Our daughter Jacqueline had been telling us for a few months that we should start coming to Life Time Fitness to improve our health. Finally, around Christmas, Jacqueline needed someone to play Santa for a party. I said that I would help out, and as a thank you she bought me a one-month membership. When I started, I attended the TEAM Weight Loss class that Jacqueline had been attending. I was a little wary about participating in this type of class but the trainer, Dan Shepard, was great. He explained the class and invited us to try it out for a week. Being a 58-year-old and a Local 597 Pipefitter for over 40 years, my body is pretty beat up. I have two herniated discs in my back and a bad rotator cuff. I knew this class was going to be challenging for me. Each class, especially starting out, Dan modified the exercises to fit my ability. I liked how individualized it was and how everyone in the class faced different challenges.

After working out three times per week in the TEAM class, my daughter told me about the 90-Day Challenge. I tried to tell her I was not 30 years old and, at 58, weight doesn’t come off that easily. I was reluctant at first, but I really liked the TEAM Weight Loss class and decided to participate. I started working with a new trainer during TEAM; his name is Nick Bartz. After my initial weigh-in, I met with Nick one on one. We sat down and discussed my goals and expectations for the next 90 days. He asked what my specific goals for the Challenge were. I said I wanted to get down to 230 pounds. He asked what my plan was for losing 47 pounds, and I told him that I was going to stop drinking beer! Nick informed me that not drinking beer was a great start, and that 80% of my weight loss success would come from changing my nutrition. He gave me a lot of information about nutrition. He said that I needed to aim for drinking 140 oz. of water per day and incorporate more vegetables and fruits. I started with the plan Nick laid out for me and made nutritional changes immediately. Week by week, I added new items to my diet. I wanted to make small changes that added up over time. By the end of the Challenge, I was thinking about everything I ate and made plans ahead of time. For example, at Easter I made sure to make some delicious fish instead of ham, and every morning for breakfast I make an egg white omelet loaded with green veggies! These small changes have really been the difference throughout the Challenge.

The first week, I lost over 10 pounds. All the trainers at Life Time Fitness Orland Park were impressed, and I felt the support I needed to continue my journey. I kept working out, but it was getting harder to fit into my schedule. I spoke with Nick about adding another time slot for TEAM. He spoke with some of the other participants and decided that opening up a 5:30pm class would benefit many of us. When the 5:30pm class opened, it allowed me to come to the club, swim a mile and then do the class. I continued to work out every week and incorporated weekend workouts as well, inviting my friends to try out the club. I even tried yoga for the first time with my wife! At 58, my body has responded very well to the weight loss. I find it easier to work out and complete everyday activities.

Now that the challenge has ended, I am down to 200 pounds and 15.9% body fat. Compare this to my starting stats at 276.7 pounds and 34.8% body fat. I want to continue to transform my body and strengthen the weak areas, like my back.

I would have to say that the Life Time Fitness company’s name is so fitting; this Challenge has been a life-changing experience for me. The real key to my success came from the support I received from my family, the staff at Life Time and my friends. If they ask me to play Santa next year, I will have to buy stuffing for the suit. My stomach is no longer a bowl full of jelly, but I am as jolly as ever. Until then, I will enjoy chasing after my granddaughter and keeping up with her as she gets faster. I’m looking forward to building a lifetime of memories with her.


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