past winners

John E.
2014 Fall Weight Loss Challenge Winner

Lost 52 pounds
26.18% of body weight *
*Results not typical
John E.

In July when the advertisements for the Fall 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge were posted, several personal trainers and members at the gym asked me if I was going to participate. I had participated three times before. While I enjoyed the Try-it Tuesdays, and had seen some success in my weight loss, the problem was my success was short lived. After each challenge, I would go back to my old habits of bad diet, excessive drinking, limited exercise, high stress levels at work and really an overall poor lifestyle. Even though I had utilized personal training and nutritional counseling at Life Time before, I had listened and learned, but at that period of time, I was not willing to hear, trust or believe. I thought I could do it on my own.

On July 21st, my wife and I decided to start a clean slate with the Life Time D.TOX program. We both knew we needed to make some serious changes in our life. Right about the same time, Amie Holko, a Personal Trainer in Cary, seemed to take a special interest in my goals. She texted me and asked if I would participate in the challenge. I was hesitant. Amie later called me to continue to express that she believed she could help me and I could really excel and succeed in the Fall Challenge. It was that call that Amie made to me that has changed my life forever. Amie and I met for a consultation so she could learn more about me, my goals and implement a plan on reaching them. Most of all, Amie wanted to establish a plan that I could maintain and stick with, to live a healthy life. This was not just about the 90-Day Challenge. I made the decision that I was “ALL IN.” I have been wearing four of the 90-Day wristbands every day as a constant reminder of my commitment.

Amie set out a guide for my diet, which included no alcohol or “poison” as she refers to it for me. During our consultation, I communicated that I felt as though I needed to step up my workouts from one hour, three times a week to working out five or six days a week. At that time I committed to five days a week of Personal Training for the ninety days, joined the Run Club and participated in the 10K-A-Day Step Challenge. What I have learned from Amie is that there are many different types of workouts. She had me at Hot Vinyasa Yoga on day one, which was something I never considered trying. The program has really been well rounded. Amie integrated swimming, weight training, and racquet ball, rock climbing, boxing, TRX, cardio training and group fitness classes as part of the plan for the 90-Day Challenge. I joined the 5K Run Club training with Anastasia Trueman as my coach. This ended in an official 5K race where I set a personal best record. At first I thought the increased workouts would be daunting, but they have actually been fun and I look forward to them each day. I started seeing success after two weeks which motivated me even more. Not only was I seeing physical changes, I was experiencing emotional changes. I was beginning to experience a new way of life which had been lost over the past twenty-five years.

During my journey, I have had such great support and encouragement from members, employees and the Personal Trainers at Life Time Fitness. They are like family. Not only have I utilized Personal Training during the Challenge, but also Metabolic Coaching, Nutritional Counseling, a Biomechanical Assessment, HealthCheck & Massage at the LifeSpa. The last Try-it Tuesday was a 5K and I got to run with Linda Hatfield, Cary Life Time Run Director, what an honor. All aspects of Life Time Fitness have been an integral part to helping me achieve my goals.

I am so grateful for the results – weight loss of over 50 lbs. and my waist size dropped from 40-32!

I am equipped with the fitness and nutritional tools I need to maintain the weight loss and live the healthy lifestyle I truly want for myself, and family. As I reflect back on the last 90 days, I remember a morning when this beautiful white fawn appeared in my backyard. The Native Americans believed the occurrence of a white animal was a huge sign of prophecy – a sign from the Great Spirit that a major shift in their world was to come. The white deer to the Celts was a heralding of new things to come. My heralding has been a total life makeover – physically, mentally & spiritually. I now hear, trust and believe.

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