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Jonathan O.
2016 Spring Weight Loss Winner

36.91% change (113.6 lbs.) *
*Results not typical
Jonathan O.

My Experience of a Life Time.

It’s hard to identify the thing that inspired me to start the 90-Day Challenge, but I do remember a variety of things that motivated me to start this journey of a lifetime. One of the biggest reasons I decided to make a positive change in my health was the idea of my mom’s smoking habit coming to an end. We agreed that if I set a weight loss goal and met it, she would quit smoking. With hard work, dedication, and support, I was able to improve my health and that of my mom’s — but It wasn’t easy.

I didn’t know where to start. So with little information and a lot of determination, I joined Life Time and enrolled in group training with my trainer Eddy Blanco. I wasn’t sure what to expect and if I would be able to complete the workouts, but support from the team, staff and my trainer was all I needed. Once I joined this training family, it wasn’t just another Life Time gym to me — it was my Life Time.

I started my journey on the first weigh-in of the 90-Day Challenge. I weighed 307.6 pounds. Like most, I wasn’t sure how I allowed myself to get to that point. For months, I suffered from heart palpitations and shortness of breath; my visits to the doctor were something I never looked forward to. So, from the first day of my weigh-in to the last, I knew I needed to be focused and motivated to accomplish my goal of losing 100 pounds. At that time, I didn’t really know if I could do it. All I knew was that I needed to put 110% effort into losing weight.

Soon after joining Eddy’s team, he directed me to take the Active Metabolic Assessment test (AMA), which proved that working out within my correct cardio zones would result in the best outcome. Through weekly nutrition classes and daily workouts, I started working towards my goal. I learned a lot through the nutrition classes, like how important it is to take whey protein, U-Can, a multivitamin and fish oil daily! One day, I forgot to take my supplements and I didn’t lose weight and my performance was weak, so I realized the true benefits of taking them. Since cooking was already a passion of mine, taking the time to cook my meals in a healthy way was a fun challenge for me. My workouts were tough. It was hard committing myself to a workout every day of the challenge; the soreness would sometimes overwhelm me. For the inspiration and support, I always looked to the faces of my teammates, trainer, staff and fellow 90-Day Challenge participants!

In the beginning, I worked out 3 hours a day: one hour of personal training and two hours on the treadmill. I recall the first 2 weeks being extremely difficult to adopt a workout routine into my life, but not impossible. By the second month, I had made the adjustment and began to work two sessions in each day for a total of five hours. By the end of the Challenge, I was doing seven hours of exercise a day. Funny thing is, by then, I knew all of the staff’s schedules, days off, meetings and areas to clean, for every single day! They even joked about adding me to the payroll.

Midway through my journey, I experienced hurdles. I wasn’t keeping up with washing my clothes, so I ended up wearing my “last resort” socks- the kind that hide below the shoe. I paid the price with a nice blister on my left heel. But it didn’t keep me from my date with the treadmill. Instead, I just ran without my shoes! On that same week, I had gotten the flu. I had to slow down, but I did not stop.

I came back even stronger the next week. I increased my cardio and weights and started to surprise people with how close I was getting to my goal. I continued to stay at the number one spot in the challenge and I told myself I didn’t want to slip. I wouldn’t allow myself to slip because I was getting closer and closer to my goal. I persevered and took advantage of everything my Life Time had to offer, including my favorite: the massages. I didn’t realize how beneficial it was to get a massage, and I soon noticed that it helped so much with my soreness and stress relief.

As the Challenge came to a close, I dug deeper with longer workouts. It was tough, but I wanted to finish on top and accomplish my goal. When I felt weak, I looked to familiar faces at home and at my Life Time. I found support in working out with friends and sharing my struggles with others. Now, the Challenge has ended and I have successfully lost 113.6 pounds! I am excited about it. I look back and see every challenge and hurdle and I am thankful for all the support and encouragement I found. Above all else, I am proud of myself for setting an extreme goal and meeting it. My mom is quitting smoking and I am well on my way to starting a new challenge – the 60-Day Transformation Challenge!

Thanks to Life Time for this program, to all team members, and especially my personal trainer, Eddy Blanco. Thank you for all of your knowledge, your efforts and your friendship!

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