past winners

Keely S.
2012 Fall Transformation Challenge Winner

Lost 54.4 lbs (-26.1%) *
*Results not typical
Keely S.

I’ve always been uncomfortable in my body. I never played a sport, avoided exercise, I put the “dent” in sedentary, and that dent was the one my butt made in the couch cushion. There was so much of me that it was uncomfortable just to exist. I was winded walking the shortest distances, I had difficulty getting in and out of bed, bath towels didn’t even come close to fitting around me, and my behind overflowed from chairs that I was constantly afraid of breaking.

When I joined Life Time Fitness after my third child was born, I was morbidly obese, on an anti-depressant and an anti-anxiety medication — not to mention the self-medicating I did on a daily basis with fast food and baked goods. I desperately wanted to be the kind of parent my kids could emulate instead of the kind of parent I was – exhausted, irritable, and feeding them the same nutritionally devoid junk I was giving myself.

This is my second 90 day challenge. The first in the spring was life-changing in its own right – I lost almost 60lbs and banished the meds along with the negative self-talk and all the excuses I had for not living life. I wasn’t too fat, too slow, too busy, or too far gone. I was worth fighting for. This time, I fought again for all that I was worth and came out the other side beyond all of my wildest dreams. I started with the Couch to 5K and thought the 60-second jogging intervals were going to kill me. Now I’m training for a half marathon and can pop out the door for an 8 mile Saturday morning run that refreshes me. My body is learning how to eat and my mind is learning how to listen – both to fullness signals and to what foods give me energy and what foods take it away. My kids, still so little at 5, 3, and 1, are only going to remember mama making good choices, mama running races, mama playing with them outside instead of sad mama watching tv. They’re never going to fight against an upbringing that sabotages them – their automatic habits will be healthy ones. I’m living proof that there is no such thing as beyond hope. There’s no such person that cannot take control and turn things around. In 90 days, I gave my kids a new mama – one who can keep up with them and one who loves herself and her family enough to be present and active in their lives. I can’t wait to make memories and be the woman who was always there inside – the runner, the mom, the fit and fearless me!

I couldn’t have done this by myself. Not only have my friends and family been extraordinary cheerleaders, but I was lucky enough to join the best Life Time Fitness in the company! Brentnie Misare (Weight Loss) provided nutritional resources both individually and in E.A.T Classes that I use every day. Sarah Korb kicked my behind in her crazy hard strength classes (but crazy worth it!!). Sunny Fitzgerald (Member Services) who seems to make it a point to know the name of everyone in the club was an amazing encouragement and introduced me to Matt Welt, the trainer I didn’t think I needed. Matt took no excuses and not only believed in me, but proved that I was selling myself short. He revolutionized the way I work out, and I’m not only stronger for it physically, but so much more confident and motivated to push myself further. I can’t thank him enough for changing my life!

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