past winners

Lisa H.
2015 Fall Transformation Challenge Runner-Up

67.26% change in body fat percent *
*Results not typical
Lisa H.

My transformation did not begin 90 days ago; it began after the birth of my little boy. With my husband away on a deployment, I was a typical busy, sleep deprived mom. Most of my meals came from the freezer, I barely had enough energy to get through my day, let alone work out. One day as I was staring blankly into my freezer, it hit me like a rock. I realized that I needed to change my life, for myself and for my son. As soon as my husband returned, we joined a gym.

It didn’t take long before my husband and I were hooked. We love lifting weights and going to the gym was a huge stress reliever. Bit by bit, we cleaned up our diet and I began seeing body fat being replaced with muscle. Although I really enjoyed the lifting aspect of our lifestyle, I slowly noticed my diet slipping.

Four years after joining the gym, I lived a healthier lifestyle, but I still wasn’t where I wanted to be. After another military move, my family joined Life Time Fitness. As I was checking in one day, I noticed an advertisement for an upcoming 90-Day Challenge. With this Challenge, I thought that I would find the kind of support and motivation that I needed to move me towards a more permanent healthy lifestyle. My hope was that the Challenge would motivate me to clean up my diet, change my training habits, and obtain the physique that I had been pushing myself to achieve. So I signed up, weighed in, and took my pictures. Looking at my “before” pictures, I KNEW it was time for a change.

First, I had to take a hard look at my current diet. I had already broken myself from eating a lot of processed foods, but I had a serious weakness – sugar. Between coffee, soda and homemade cookies, I was killing my hard work at the gym with sugar. I became disappointed in myself, and I knew that changes had to be made. Immediately, I cut out sodas and became creative with my morning coffee. Drinking more water became easy.

Training had changed too. I pushed myself harder by adding multiple drop and super sets. Halfway through the Challenge, something had changed. Looking at myself in the mirror at the gym, my physique was leaner and muscles were more developed. I received compliments from others too. Most of all, I got a lot of support from my lifetime family. I felt happier and healthier than I had ever been.

So, for me this wasn’t just a 90-Day Challenge, it was a revelation. I’m more confident, have more energy, and feel like I’m a role model my son. I want him to understand that if you want something hard enough and work for it, anything is obtainable. Because of this Challenge, I now have enough confidence that I may do my first fitness competition. What I do know is this Challenge will last me far more than 90 days, and it was a great journey that I want to continue for a long time to come.

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