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Lynda D.
2012 Fall Weight Loss Challenge Winner

Lost 62.2 lbs (-27.9%) *
*Results not typical
Lynda D.

Over the past six years I’ve had significant issues managing my weight and slowly watched the scale creep up one pound after another until I maxed out at over 240 lbs. Like many women in their mid-40’s I discovered that losing weight wasn’t easy. I was tired, lacked self-worth and, quite frankly, didn’t have the energy to get off of the couch to do something about it!

In November 2010, my husband and I moved to Austin, TX where we quickly learned to appreciate the health conscious lifestyle. Never, in a million years, did I realize what an impact this move would have on our lives and how blessed we’d become as our lifestyle began to change.

We started working out with an amazing trainer, Lateef Johnson, and dropped over 20 pounds during our first year in Austin. Then, the inevitable happened, I hit a plateau. We had successfully changed our workout habits, but had not addressed the most important part of the weight loss equation: our intake. The same question followed every dinner: “What’s for dessert?” In 2011, my sister convinced me to join Life Time Fitness. Not being a big fan of sweating in public, I reluctantly joined. We worked out occasionally and I enjoyed the classes, however I still wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. Enter 90-Day Challenge!!

When I saw the announcement for the 90-day event I knew, in my heart, that it was time to dedicate the next 90 days of my life to ME. I registered for the first available weigh in and declared to the LTF team that I was “In it to win it!” I set a goal to lose 50 pounds and never looked back. First stop was a difficult meeting with Melanie, our LTF nutritionist. I knew my eating habits were unhealthy however I was hoping she’d see things my way and understand that vegetables were not really a necessity. I lost that battle and agreed to my first mini-challenge: “Find ONE vegetable that you can eat”. Thanks to Melanie, I now eat green stuff!

As the challenge began, I experienced all of the highs and lows that are bound to occur, however I vowed to take one day at a time and count each day as a WIN. Looking back, there are numerous things that I relied on that inevitably became critical factors to my success:

1. Establish a strong support system

Tell the world that you’ve embarked on this journey and surround yourself for the next 90 days with only those individuals who will encourage, support and MOST importantly, hold you accountable!

2. Take advantage of the tools that LTF has provided

Use the online tools to plan and track your intake and exercise. I used this information regularly to assess my achievements and adjusted the plans as needed.

Participate in Try-It-Tuesday workouts! These events not only provide a great opportunity to try new routines, but they introduce you to the fantastic trainers at LTF (who, by the way, quickly become part of that strong support system that I mentioned above!).

A special thanks to Linsey Ginko, Nick Greco and Sarah Olson for all of your encouragement and support!

3. Exercise!

Plan every day around your workout schedule. If workouts aren’t your #1 priority, they will quickly fall to the wayside.

Recruit as many workout partners as you can find!

Mix it up! At the onset of the challenge, I committed to 80 minutes of exercise per day. In order to accomplish this I included a variety of work-outs in my plans: Running, walking, weights and swimming.

I am truly blessed to have the most amazing support system in the world and could not have achieved what WE did together in the last 90 days!! To my hubby, my family, my friends and the world’s best trainer – THANK YOU for motivating me each step of the way and for pushing me out of my comfort zone!

Thank you LTF for providing an avenue to get this journey started. I am thrilled to be down 62.2 pounds and well on my way to achieving my weight loss goals!

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