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Misty R.
2015 Fall Weight Loss Challenge Runner-Up

25.94% change in weight loss, 43.9 lbs lost *
*Results not typical
Misty R.

Ever since I can remember I have had a weight problem. I went on my first “diet” at 8, and was always the biggest kid in class. I have never been athletic nor enjoyed exercise at all.

I finally got it together in my early twenties. I kept my weight around 130. Which at 5’2”, I was still considered chubby, but I was finally comfortable in my skin.

At 23 I met my husband, and we wined and dined almost nightly. Together we gained weight. In 2004, we had our first child and I blew up to 210 pounds, my highest ever. After the birth I lost the weight just to gain it back in 2006 with the birth of my second child. I again lost the weight just to gain it back in 2007 with the birth of my third child, reaching over 200 pounds once again.

After his birth I lost some weight and stayed around 160 pounds for quite awhile. I was so busy with three babies, there was no time for me. Well, at least I was not ready to make time for me. In 2012 we welcomed our fourth child and same story. I again was over 200 pounds.

At this time I started having back pain and could barely bend over the crib to pick up my son. It was also a challenge to get down on the floor just to play with him. I was in horrible physical shape. I knew it was time to get serious about my health and fitness.

My husband and I joined Life Time Fitness. We loved the child care option, with four kids this really sold us on the club. We also liked the cleanliness of the club, the friendly staff, spa, cafe, pool, kids activities, etc.

In August of 2015, we heard about the 90-Day Challenge and we both signed up. Together we wanted to get serious about losing weight and being healthy for ourselves and our kids. We both needed motivation and the Challenge was perfect to kick-start our weight loss journey.

We met with a trainer at the Chanhassen club. She guided us through the initial process. She sat down with us and talked with us about our goals and helped us set up a game plan. She talked with us about our numbers (body fat, ICW, ECW, TBW, pounds of fat, pounds of LBM, BMR). Wow what an eye opener!

The first 50 days went well. It was exciting to check the leaderboard weekly, it kept me going to see my name in the top 15. The weight was coming off nicely. I was going to the club 5 times a week, and working on the elliptical machines and doing many different group fitness classes. I was actually enjoying working out! My mindset changed and I was thankful that I was able to work out. I was eating clean. I cut out all processed foods, and kept calories between 1200 and 1400 a day. I also tracked my food daily for accountability.

Then came the plateau. I was stuck at 140 pounds for 3 weeks. The dreaded weight I have seen so many times in the past and could never push past, but not this time. I started adding weight training through the large variety of group classes offered. With the Life Time Fitness support, I again started seeing weight loss and finally got out of the 140s for the first time in over 10 years. It felt so good to finally get over that hump. Now I am hooked.

I am hoping to weigh out at 125. With hard work and taking responsibly for my eating habits, I will keep the weight off for good. I still have a lot of work to do, but I will get there. At 36, and dealing with yo-yo weight loss/ gain my whole life, I am ready to close this chapter of my life and start living a healthy lifestyle.

I have finally figured out that there is no magic pill. Hard work is the key to success. It has to be a lifestyle change, and I am well on my way.

I would like to give a big thank you to my husband for his support and making this change with me. So glad we did it together!

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