past winners

Rachel C.
2016 Spring Transformation Finalist

53.22% change in body fat percent *
*Results not typical
Rachel C.

Simple moments can change your life. True success comes in making that change permanent. A poster on the Life Time changing room wall of a strong looking powerful, athletic woman was my moment. I was in my 40s, overweight with 3 young kids, not much muscle, cellulite, a tummy battered from 3 C-sections, but that day I wanted to prove that I too could look like that. It was the morning I’d woken and cried when my clothes barely fit. I couldn’t teach my kids it was ok to feel bad about yourself.

I’d developed an unhealthy binge style of eating and negative self talk that dominated my teens/twenties and thirties. Two years after my 3rd child I weighed more than just after I gave birth. I was exhausted emotionally battling my relationship with food and extremely self-conscious. Inside I was screaming “what happened to me?” Exercise was walking. Strength training was something men did, not women. It’s taken a few Life Time 90-Day Challenges, steps forward, steps back to get there. I refused to settle for less than my best, I never gave up. My first Challenge saw me lose some weight and encouraged me to work on eating habits. Another Challenge and I realized strength training was my way forward. Now aware of body fat, a healthy way to look at myself, the binge eating cycle was broken, but I still wasn’t the “poster” body I kept seeing in my mind.

This Challenge has been my most life changing. I’m a healthy and happy 45 yr old, who marvels at how strong I am, the muscles I see, a tummy that’s toned, shapely arms, strong legs, no joint pains, size of clothes I can now wear and the cellulite that’s gone! I feel fantastic, alive for the first time in years, in awe of my determination, commitment and power to make it happen for myself.

WEEK 1/2 Nutrition seminar on Try-It Tuesday. Balanced non-processed meals of carbs, protein, healthy fats, 5-6 small meals a day, I can eat! My aha moment, my focus, eating in a clean healthy way to encourage weight loss, muscle gain and fat burn. Aiming for 100% clean diet for me wouldn’t work, I love chocolate. Found a way to keep chocolate in my diet, so I knew my improved eating habits would be permanent. I ate dark chocolate almost every day of this Challenge. Am bloated, the feeling went away as my body adjusted to the big increase in veggies. Feel like a walking vegetable. Splitting my strength workouts into major muscle groups. With schedule juggling I’m exercising 6 days week, even going in at 5am or at late at night. Try-It Tuesday Intro to CardioBurn totally changed my cardio workouts.

WEEK 3/4/5/6 Gone are long steady rate cardio sessions replaced with short 20-minute HIIT sessions. Get bored easily so made sure to mix it up. Lifting HEAVY weights. Thankful to Trainer Jamey Brice who made me part of his Challenge group, showed me new exercises and believed in me. Cooking more, preparing protein, veggies for the week. Needed to have my meals ready to go. Excitedly told my husband, “look I can see my C-section scar without lifting my belly up!” Had not seen that scar in 13 years since my oldest kid was born. I now love my tummy, perfect mixture of toned, strong and testament to my wonderful 3 kids. Jamey suggested the sauna, best thing ever, 10- minute naptime!

WEEK 7/8/9/10 Possible cancer scare, mammogram saw me back for a recall and biopsy. Week 7 started fine, ended a mess. Also Spring Break for my kids, throwing my routine off, I was at the gym before dawn. Tired, grumpy and stressed, my nutrition began to slip. Weighing in weekly at Life Time helped keep me accountable but staying focused was hard. Biopsy result was negative but body fat loss was slowing. Life Time Alpha competition, perfect, maybe the boost needed. Look for solutions, never give up. People were noticing my body becoming leaner. A woman commented she wanted abs like mine. Looked in the mirror and realized a two pack was there! So busy being negative I’d missed the amazing changes taking place!

WEEK 11/12/13 Trainer Sherri Mitchell suggested taking Relora Plus and Amino Complex with my other Life Time supplements to help with stress. Felt so much better! Took a look at my nutrition, keeping carbs to the morning. My diet for the last 2 weeks 100% clean. Breaking all my personal lifting records, the weight room is not just for men at all. I’ve dropped 3 dress sizes! When the Challenge is over I’ll be back at the gym improving strength, nutrition, learning new exercises, trying to drink more water. Maybe a bikini competition one day! I never lost sight of that “poster” body, now I’m that strong, muscle defined, powerful, athletic woman I so wanted to be. It takes courage to change. I’ve come a long way on this Challenge, my mindset is now so positive; I’ve total belief in myself, a gift I never knew I would get just 90 days ago. My kids see me eat, regularly and well, they see a strong Mom who never gave up. I’ve changed the future to a bright and positive one.

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