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Rick W.
2016 Spring Weight Loss Finalist

25.77% change (69.2 lbs.) *
*Results not typical
Rick W.

When I was in High School, I was on the football team, working out every day to bulk up. I received a football scholarship to college. In my 30’s, my life took an entirely different direction. I became busy with work and traveled all the time. Exercise just wasn’t in my life and my diet consisted of whatever was quick, like pizza and hot dogs.

Every 5 years or so, I would binge on working out to lose the weight. I would whip my body into shape, but hated the process. I did not like exercise, so I always stopped once I met my goal and would go back to old habits. When I was young, I was lean and creative. I felt that this creative, lean person was really me and I wanted to live the last third of my life like the first years of my life. I also realized that I would have to create an entirely different lifestyle to meet my goals. I have a great family, my wife, son and daughter, and I wanted to be around for them for a long time. My wife’s favorite thing to do is dance and I wanted to get into shape to dance with her again. I was 268 lbs., 5’10”, obese and had no vitality.

When Life Time opened in Laguna Niguel, we were impressed. It was such a beautiful facility and it had everything from spa services, trainers, health assessments, Pilates, Yoga, Pool and a great café. So we joined. My wife loves the indoor cycle classes, I thought I would “One Day- Some Day” get fit.
After a slow start, mostly not even showing up. I decided I needed to take advantage of the expertise that Life Time had to offer and get professional support. I went through an entire physical evaluation with blood work, Resting Heart Rate baseline, Active Heart Rate baseline etc. This allowed me to see where I really stood health wise. Even though I didn’t like the results, I knew it was a true assessment. I had a conversation with the staff about my problems and desires. I received great questions asking about my relationship with health and well being. I also received great advice about lifestyle change.

Out of this advice, I decided I would have to find a workout routine that I loved. I longed to find something that I actually would find enjoyable. I didn’t want to lift a free weight again or work out on a machine. I wanted to let go of my fat and bulk in order to create long lean muscles, great posture, flexibility and strength. For these reasons I chose to try Pilates, Yoga and cardio. I also decided on a personal Pilates trainer to help me focus on mindful movements, self nurturing and muscle awareness.

Enter my trainer Callie, passionate about her job, eager to help and an expert in her craft. Always encouraging, she focused on my goals of being connected to my body. Along with this, she would never let me give up on myself, especially on days I wavered. When I started, I was in a full sweat just from stretching, without even starting the Pilates movements. But Callie taught me that every little improvement was a time for celebration and joy. The willingness to care for myself was the point. It was a way of life, to improve and care for myself day after day, session after session, something I could keep improving and enjoying for the rest of my life. She instilled in me the joy of being the person I wanted to be. She also walked her talk, had long lean muscles, perfect posture and she is strong as a bull, and was happy to teach me.

Then the 90-Day Challenge came up and Callie suggested that I enter. I would benefit from having a framework for change and weekly goals to achieve. It was just the incentive I needed to start my journey into a lifestyle change. I created a weekly schedule of Pilates, yoga and cardio. My goals were: to put my health first, focusing on losing weight and letting go of the bulk, being mindful and present in my body and to care for myself. For the first time, I looked forward to working out.

I worked with the Life Time nutritionist and received great advice on how to eat so I would be nourished and full. I wanted to enjoy healthy eating and enjoy great nutrition. The advice changed me. I started taking vitamins and supplements for the first time in my life on a consistent basis. All I had to do was buy them in the LifeCafe on my way home.

In the 90-Day Challenge, I lost 69 pounds, many inches and an old lifestyle! I gained a new relationship with myself and my body.

My plan now is to keep going with my healthy eating and my new lifestyle including cardio, Pilates and yoga classes. With Life Time in my neighborhood, the quality of my day-to-day life has improved dramatically. I am so grateful to have the structure to keep my newfound body, happiness and health.

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