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Sara H.
2014 Fall Transformation Challenge Winner

62.41% change in body fat *
*Results not typical
Sara H.

I am a 31 year old mother to 4 wonderful children and a wife to the most amazing man. Four months ago I looked in the mirror and realized I needed to change some things about myself, but didn’t think I had the time or energy. I thought I had it all together, running a tight household ship, until I had my baby last March. With my kids having a demanding school schedule, along with after school sports, I was always taxing someone around. Between feeding the baby, cleaning up a mess, watching my kids’ practices and spending time with my toddler, I didn’t have any free time for myself. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change my life for the world, but I was exhausted and felt like every day I got out of bed for everyone but me. I found myself getting lost in the shuffle and not knowing who I was anymore. After talking with my husband we decided that joining a gym would be some much needed time for myself.

This amazing journey began after becoming a member at Lifetime. I was ready to jump in with both feet and get started; to lose my baby weight, get fit and healthy and find myself. I started by taking a few group classes and was really enjoying them, but knew I could use a little extra help. I knew I needed a trainer but didn’t even know where to start. I met with Kayla and she referred Tyler Stephens as being a good fit for me. Tyler and I met a couple times and he told me about the 90 day challenge and thought that it would be something that I would do well with. So I signed up!

That next week I set the most difficult goal for myself and decided I would strive toward winning the challenge. I wasn’t sure if it was possible, but I was going to give it all I had. I started telling people about the contest and that I wanted to win. “Do you have time for that?” “Do you really think with so many people that you could possibly win?” “Don’t you feel selfish for taking that time away from your family?” were the responses I received. Growing up in the shadows of my family it had become difficult to feel successful at anything. Coming from an upbringing of always being “second best”, I wanted to prove to those people, and mostly to myself, that I was capable of achieving greatness – that I possessed the determination and discipline to compete in such a rigorous contest.

I talked to Tyler about it and he helped me set some realistic goals that I could start working towards. He was so amazing and helped me every step of the way. He always pushed me and challenged me beyond what I thought I was capable of doing. Along with training with him three times a week, I also started cycle classes several times a week. Through this process I also “learned” to swim. I swam a lot, which is amazing considering I had never swam a lap in my life. It was a rough start but once I got the hang of it I really enjoyed those quiet workouts in the pool. I became educated in Lifetime supplements to maximize my performance, as well as nutrition which I followed religiously.

As the weeks went on it became difficult to stay motivated. 90 days seemed like forever and I was tired. I could hear those voices telling me I would fail. It was hard to go workout after long hours of work or early Saturday mornings. Sometimes the only time I could find was late at night, but with the support of my husband, I only missed ONE workout. I had a few rough weeks where I platued and struggled. I had just stopped nursing my baby and I was having a hard time adjusting. Tyler and I sat down and reevaluated things and continued on. He also introduced me to hot yoga. I didn’t even know Lifetime offered such an amazing workout and way to de-stress. It was just what I needed to get back on track.

I have learned so much from this journey. I am a mother, a wife, a taxi driver, a house keeper, a cook AND an athlete! Thank you Lifetime for this life changing experience! I set a goal and achieved it through blood, sweat, tears and copious amounts of squats. Now I can proudly hold my head up with a newfound confidence to those both who supported me and said I could never do it. Regardless of the outcome, I will always feel like a winner and my gratitude and new outlook on life and fitness are beyond words!

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