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Urielle J.
2015 Spring Transformation Challenge Runner-Up

46.88% change in body fat *
*Results not typical
Urielle J.

Any good trainer takes pride in their work especially when their clients get to wear a lean and physically fit body. A great nutritional coach/trainer like Peter Ayoade influences his clients’ health not only through their appearances but also through the way they feel about themselves. This holistic approach helped me achieve a more complete transformation. When I started boot camp with Peter, he first made sure that I took care of the lingering joint and back pains through proper nutrition and corrective exercises.

Despite my history of an active lifestyle; during these past few years I had fostered unhealthy habits through unmanageable stress, inactivity and sugar indulgences. I have worked twelve hour nightshifts for years which did not seem too bad until I started graduate school three years ago. This stressful scheduling of functioning day and night, defeated healthfulness. I then joined Life Time a year ago to revive to a healthier lifestyle.

Scientific studies show that there is a direct correlation between sleep deprivation and weight gain. Our hormones which control metabolism and lean muscles are affected by sleep. When sleep deprivation occurs, certain hormone levels decrease causing the body to crave sugar. Other hormones like cortisol increase to compensate for stress and the lack of quality sleep. In turn, this disruption triggers an increase in abdominal fat.

To reverse these unpleasant changes; I joined the transformation challenge. Right from the start I knew that aiming for transformation meant that my mindset had to firmly focus on eating for results as opposed to instant gratification. Like most accomplishments in life, consistency begets success in health and fitness. Usually, after mere efforts at mindful eating and exercise we become complacent and assume that our efforts should’ve quickly transpired into goals. At that point, we begin to think that we cannot improve our body. However, with the help of a nutritional coach/trainer like Peter, many of these self-defeating thoughts and myths were rejected once he presented certain scientific facts.

Early on in the challenge I took the resting metabolic assessment (RMA) test. This test revealed my caloric requirements for optimal nutrition. When my fat loss hit a plateau Peter then suggested a reassessment which indicated that my RMA had successfully increased requiring new adjustments to my plan.

I also had to make many adjustments to accommodate my food allergies and sensitivities. After all, I am allergic to most of the protein drinks and supplements on the market. Through trial and error, I have had to learn to customize my diet based on my body’s needs. Luckily, I have been able to purchase hypoallergenic, calorically calculated and great tasting meals on the go at the LifeCafé when I am pressed for time. I strive to maintain a whole foods diet as opposed to processed and genetically modified foods. It is also reassuring that food allergy testing is offered at Life Time.

The 90-day challenge is no different from other real life challenges. Meaning, goals are best achieved with support. Without my thoughtful and very pleasant friend Lilia Canela whom I work out with, this journey would be more challenging and less fun. Also, working out with the dynamic TeamPeter members, which I view as a supportive community, is energizing and motivating. We work out by Peter’s motto “performance over pounds”. Throughout boot camp we are constantly challenged without shortcuts. This is exactly what the body needs to transform. We sometimes cannot believe how much we get done in an hour under Peter’s watchful eyes.

My fitness routine also included cycling classes with Seday, David and Stewart who reinforced my endurance and power with added fun from their carefully chosen upbeat songs. They never miss a chance to remind us that we can surpass that hill. One of my favorite things about Peter and the instructors at Life Time is their emphasis in our capacity to do our best.

Aside from the visual transformations that my body has undergone are the improvement in biomarkers. For example my HDL or good cholesterol which was within limit a few months ago at 40 skyrocketed to an optimal level of 80.

As can be seen and felt, Life Time fits into my lifestyle because health and fitness reign here holistically. I learned a lot from this journey and I am very grateful. I had the support and Life Time has provided the means of achieving those goals with the help of an exceptional coach like Peter. Successful body transformation requires a carefully balanced eating plan without shortcuts. The ability to surpass what we did the day before and maintain that consistency is what transforms us. Otherwise we stagnate and become incompatible with healthy living. When we can we should. With that said, I have transformed from 25.6 % body fat to 13.6%.

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