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Wesley M.
2015 Spring Transformation Challenge Runner-Up

83.61% change in body fat *
*Results not typical
Wesley M.

As a firefighter at the Minneapolis/St.Paul airport, fitness and health are a major part of my job; I am trusted daily to care for and protect the people of our communities. To me, they are strangers, but to others they are a mother, a best friend, or a spouse, and it is my responsibility to be prepared to protect them in any environment. I recently had an experience that opened my eyes to my vital job responsibilities. Our team was called to a large house fire. Things quickly became dangerous and when we finally started to escape, I noticed that all of us were out of breath and struggled to make it out. The thought of not being able to do our job properly, and potentially put ourselves and others in danger, was a turning point for me and I knew it was time to make some changes in my life and at my job.

Eagan Life Time is my home gym – I’ve been working out there for almost 10 years! I approached a trainer named Sloan after noticing the 90-Day Challenge poster and asked him to tell me more. After talking with Sloan, I became very interested, but it definitely seemed like it would require extreme dedication. Both Sloan and another trainer, Alicia, told me they would be there every step of the way. After thinking about my recent experience on the fire call, I decided to commit.

Looking back, now I know why they call it a CHALLENGE! We began by talking about the multiple supplements that would support my intense physical training. I was overwhelmed at first – how would I remember everything? Sloan told me to trust him and that the supplements would be a key part of my transformation. He told me to call him anytime with any questions. We communicated daily, so much so that my wife started calling him my mistress!

Nutrition was also a huge part of my transformation. I figured the diet portion would be easy since I enjoy food and learning new healthy dishes to prepare. Until Sloan and I reviewed everything, I had no clue how poorly I was actually eating. We talked strategy and what to expect over the next couple of months. Not only was this beneficial for me, but I was also excited to share some of this nutrition information with my fellow firefighters. Sloan’s knowledge and personal experiences continued to inspire me to move forward and try to reach the next goal.

As my journey continued, I talked with my fellow firefighters and let them know how important our health is. We talked about how heart disease is the number one killer in the fire service, and how we needed to change our diets. We are like a family at the station, and often eat meals together, so we started eating healthier group breakfasts and dinners. Not only have our eating habits changed, but I have encouraged several other firefighters to start working out. Many agreed to let me help them with their training routines and they’ve started noticing a difference. Though this Challenge has been difficult, I feel good knowing that I’ve made a positive impact on my fellow firefighters’ health and ability to do their job.

My full time job is being a firefighter, but I also serve in the United States Air Force. I have noticed over the past few years that my annual Physical Training test has gotten worse and I have declined in performance. Doing this Challenge has helped me to improve my scores. Over the last couple of weeks, several soldiers have asked what I was doing to lose weight and noticed how much my body has changed. I told them about the Challenge and how the Eagan Life Time team has motivated me to keep progressing with the plan. I told them what the journey was like, and my motivation to improve my health, strength, and physical fitness for my military and firefighting careers. My journey encouraged them to want to get into better shape, and I feel good that I’ve set a positive example.

Today, I feel more confident than ever in my abilities as a firefighter. My mental, physical, and emotional strength were continuously tested, but the Eagan Life Time team has been the support I needed to follow through. I have a healthier lifestyle and know how to incorporate healthy habits into my personal and job responsibilities. I’m proud of my personal accomplishments, and I’m also proud of the influence I’ve had on my fire and military families. I know the knowledge I gained from the Eagan Life Time team will always play a role in my day-to-day decisions and I look forward to living life to the fullest with my wife and family every day.

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