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Nancy was the Spring 2015 National winner of the 90-Day, and got there one step at a time. Walking was a huge part of her success--see what else helped Nancy with her great success!

"Nothing works unless you do." As Alex's 90-Day mantra, he set out to transform into an athletic physique he's had his eyes set on for years.

After personal health challenges and family struggles, Jessica committed to getting healthy for herself and her family, and now they've all embraced the healthy way of life!

Check out how this full-time firefighter made the decision to get healthy and how he did it!

What is the 90-Day Challenge? It's a time to transform yourself and change habits.

"I can't believe I let myself get to this point…to date now I've lost about 50 lbs and 19% body fat. A lot of people ask 'what's your secret,' and I respond, 'diet and exercise---it becomes a lifestyle."

Mike and Jenn lost a combined total of over 170 lbs during the 90-day Challenge, and were ready for their next chapter of their life--a triathlon! "A triathlon?! I've never done a triathlon, but it's a challenge, right?! OK!"

"Your body knows what it needs…listen to it!" Learn what this 90-day winner did to go from 219 to 162!

Struggling with post-partum depression, this determined mom trained like a fighter and found success with supplements and exercise.

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